This is a light system that addresses directly the questions of efficacy and efficiency as well as portability and safety. A little marvel!


Pocket Sunshine is smaller, lighter and costs much less - without any compromise on quality and efficacy because it only emits the useful green light and doesn’t waste  time or money bathing the person in glaring and largely useless white light..


Care was taken to ensure good quality light emitters that only put out green light (not just a  green-coated lens) managed by specific circuitry using the best available solar panel as a power source. (No more plugs, no more adapters, no more batteries!)


Go Green!






One of the studies made on the use of SAD lights reported that as many as 30% of the buyers of these lights gave up after a short time saying that the lights were too big, too inconvenient and took too much time.


Other research showed that while white light did provide a biological effect that effect was caused mostly by the green light part of the spectrum contained in white light. Green light (about 495 – 535 nanometers) is only about 10% of the visible light spectrum – that is to say about 90% of that expensive white light is just a waste of money!

A great new way to deal with the problems of
Winter blues, jet lag and adjusting to shift work

The Pocket Sunshine


  • Emits pure green light at 510-525 nanometers

  • Does not emit any UV light.

  • Is solar powered – no batteries to replace, no plugs, no transformers, no adapters, no messy cables

  • Totally portable – weighs less than 1 ounce /28 grams

  • Small footprint fits in a pocket or purse (about50 x 30 x10 mm or 2” x 11/2” x 1/2”)

  • Charges in about 3 hours in any light - even in just room light

  • Treatment time is about 2 minutesa day because it is so efficient

  • One charge is enough for a week or more of use

  • Priced at a fraction of the retail prices of those big, bulky, inefficient,older SAD lamps. 



We all have internal body clocks. When it gets light they wake us up. When it gets dark they tell us to sleep.


But, not counting late night television, our internal body clocks get messed up in three major ways.


First, Winter comes along, the days get shorter and it stays dark longer. In the morning your body clock says it is dark outside” keep on sleeping”. But the alarm clock says “ Get up! Go to work!” a conflict between the body clock and the alarm clock. People get depressed and moody – all Winter. This known as SAD (Season Affective Disorder)


Second: all year there are lots of people who work shifts. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, military, factory workers. Just when their body clocks say its midnight and time to sleep. They have to go to work and be wide awake. Then next week they work days!  People get really stressed. – all year.


Third:  travelers. Pilots, flight crew, cabin crews, business people, holiday makers, military – anyone who crosses time zones.  Leave New York at  NOON   FLY FOR 15 HOURS AND ARRIVE  IN  Tokyo at    2 Pm   their time. But it is   1:00 am   your time and you are zonked out, dead on your feet. Body clock against world clock. And you lose.


Pocket Sunshine can help all these people.

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